North West Tablelands
New South Wales
 Feb-March 2008


Well, we didn't get too excited about searching for our Pot of Gold right away as we just couldn't stop watching all the wildlife....and speaking of seems that everywhere we go, we come across Bushtracker Caravans....we had just left the motel in Armidale a couple of days ago when the owners came back in the late afternoon and said we could go....well the van was all packed and ready, so we shot out to the Dumaresq Dam only 12 k's West of Armidale and thought we'd camp there that night. Driving in to the park by the waterfront....yep a 200 series and a Bushtracker...that's the second time we've taken our BT our to the Dam and the second time there's been a Bushtracker there....according to the manufacturers, there's only about 1000 in the whole of OZ.

So here we are a couple of DAZE later at Bingara....settling back with a drink....and a head pops around the front of our van and this fellow says..."Is it all right if we camp just over there by the water next to you"??? "Sure we said...and a minute later this shiny new Landcruiser pulls a shiny  new 19' Bushtracker in next to us. Mick & Barb had only just picked it up a week ago from the factory in Kunda Park and were making their way back to Southern NSW. They told us of a W.A. couple the saw at the factory pulling out a big new 21 footer in the heaviest down pour of rain they had ever witnessed.

Well Mick & Barb had only just left the riverside by 30 minutes when a Nissan Patrol parks pretty close to us and the couple that got out and came over for a chat were the W.A. Pair that Mick & Barb had just told us about......So wadyareckon about that???? Then they tell us that they're in the area looking for gold.....GASP how spooky is that??? So we talked Minelab Metal Detectors for a couple of hours by the river......

Well the day just got away on us and we were sitting in the afternoon shade watching the antics of a guy with a Bus/Home setting up a HUGE LCD screen on the outside wall of the bus, followed by some 6 foot speaker stands and a couple of microphone stands and a keyboard and amplifier console and we reckon we've made the wrong decision to stay here as there is a rock concert gonna happen here real soon.

Bushtrackers...they're everywhere

Kamp Karaoke by the river at Bingara.......

Well, this fellow came over and introduced himself as John and told us he was putting on a show for all tonight and had just set up his Karaoke equipment and we were invited too....Well he started up at around 5 p.m. and the songs were all the ancient stuff we knew so well like ABBA, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Neil Sedaka, Elton John and the list went,  we dragged our chairs and drinks over about 6.00p.m. and had the best time with all the other sing alongers till around 11.00p.m. when we all caved in and went off with the wobbly boot in search of our "Homes"....."Did we have Dinner"???....what??..... Dinner?? Oh Well it was fun anyway..

Short Video of the fun Video 1 & Video 2