Trip Tips


Early Off Road Van- Notice High Ground Clearance and the Lug tread pattern tyres.

On our tripping around we found a few things that were good info for next time and those who might find themselves following in our tracks.

Dump Points:
                  These can make life a lot easier for travelers and it was a pleasant surprise to see that a lot of local councils were now providing these facilities. In many cases the Dump Point hardware was supplied by the C.M.C.A. (Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia) and the installation was provided by the council.

Mitchell: At the show grounds, turn off the highway and find the Dump Point and tap and hose on the roadside adjacent to the entry gates.
Mitchell also has a great hardware store...we needed a couple water tank elbows and clamps when one cracked..they had them. Also a laundromat and IGA grocery store in town.

Blackall: This council provide a grassy park area beside the Barcoo River for overnight camping. It is in town on the Isisford turnoff. Fees are $5.00 per vehicle per night. Directly across the road, on the town side of the park, is a newly installed public toilet and water tap and next to it is a new Dump Point and tap and hose.
Blackall had a Super IGA which opened on Sunday morning as well as a hardware store also open on Sunday morning. Yep, a laundromat too.

Isisford: In town at the entrance to the Barcoo River camps ($2.00 per vehicle per night or $10.00 per week)  on the top of the hill is a public toilet block, a town water tap and a dump point and tap...we used our own hose here.
Isisford had a Laundromat too as well as fuel supplies from a private house with a couple of bowsers across the road....Open 7 days, but only 2 hours morning and  2 hours afternoon.

Yaraka: Very little to be had here and the map shows grocery and fuel supplies at Yaraka, however the store owner went broke and closed. The Isisford council, in an endeavour to keep the facility open, have issued keys to a couple of locals. We were fortunate that the local school teacher noticed us and was able to leave her class and attend to our needs. Then she asked if we wanted Diesel or Unleaded. Unleaded was OK as they were out of diesel. The shop too was not stocked, but had a couple of bags of flour and some biscuits and bread in a chest freezer.

Jundah:  NO Dump Point in town. Although the lady at the info centre said there was one at the Caravan Park. It was a small park and very busy with workers when we were there.
 A modern public toilet block with showers and water taps located at the Eastern end of town at the sports field.
Fuel supplies at the small local store and frozen bread. The pub was well stocked with standard stuff, but don't ask for your favourite wine anywhere our bush.

Quilpie:   No Public dump point and we didn't try the caravan park as we were passing through. The 2 fuel depots sell fuel, but charge $15.00 surcharge to open out of normal trading hours. There is a great roadhouse on the East of town and they have the best burgers in town. Also water taps are free to fill up your tanks, but remember it is bore water and also it doesn't take long before it heats up. Your hose going soft will alert you to that.

Toompine: No Dump Point here but there is a community hall ( Big Tin Shed on steel posts) beside the Toompine Pub. The Hall has a power box on the wall near the door where you can plug in for FREE. Also, they provide 2 toilet blocks with hot showers too....Yep...Free.

Thargomindah:  No Public Dump Point, however the Flash new Caravan Park has a Dump Point at every site. Next to each site's power and water is a pvc pipe in the ground with a rubber cap on top with a big slit across it. I thought it was only for the waste grey water hose, but the park managers assured me it was for black water as well...apparently it is all plumbed through the parks waste pump and ends up at the council processing plant. There is also a public toilet block on the Western side of town...might be worth a look, knowing that.

Hungerford:  Not a lot of joy here for dump points, but they do have a council caravan park with a toilet block and hot showers. They have 4 powered sites only and it was $5.00 per night in 2000 when we were it's more than doubled...still economical. If you want fuel in Hungerford, the pub has Diesel and Unleaded, but only in a drum.....

Cunnamulla:  Yep, a Public Dump Point with hose and tap here too and there's even a sign on the highway, near the show grounds on the Eastern side of town. Small sign...keep your eyes open.

Bollon:  Turn off the main highway at the fire station and find the dump point and tap directly behind the fire station. While you're there continue a couple of hundred metres  along the well made dirt road behind the fire station and you'll find a nice open grassy park by the waterhole made by the town's weir. Free Camping here and they also provide water taps everywhere in this good is that. The Camps 3 book says 24 hours stay, but some were hooked up to the water taps and looked like they had settled in for a while.

Bingara: Great little town on the North West Slopes to Northern NSW. Population 900 and serviced by a IGA and Hardware 7 days a week. They have a Dump Point at the Show grounds along with hose and tap...river water only.

Texas: Qld Border town and has a Dump Point on the Southern side of town near the race track. Follow the Blue Signs off the highway.