North West Tablelands
New South Wales
 Feb-March 2008 let's just take stock of our progress.....3 DAZE ago we set off to find some gold and to date we haven't even got out a detector or a gold pan...we have however chatted with 3 separate Bushtracker couples, set up 2 great camps by water and got plastered with a bunch of folks we'd never met before and sang like no one was listening till late evening.....we're off to a good start...this is what a holiday should be and full of pleasant surprises.

Now today....we're going to get focussed on this and have a big rest....'cos we feel a little trashed  and lethargic after last night's concert under the stars.....but we did manage a little panning in front of the van, so we didn't feel totally lazy....

Looks like a local uses this shady camp spot regularly

Late afternoon BBQ and a few cleansing beverages

We have all the camp ovens and fire grills and are well set up for bush cooking, but some places and parks have fire bans from time to time or the wind can be a bit strong making it risky for a fire, so we have a a Weber Q 220 portable BBQ and it just folds up and stores in a zip up bag with 3 wheels on one end so it rolls away in the back of the Landcruiser without a problem. It also has a full hood so it does a magic Roast Pork with Crackling....Yumm.... We use it at every's good....

Yes, we managed to be up at sunrise
and were rewarded with this

Fire in the sky a "Kodak Moment"

So, drinks and dinner under the light of the silvery moon by the river side when all the birds and critters have gone to bed and we're liking this spot even more as each minute passes.....not even a fly or a good is that??? So tomorrow, we have a plan. We're going into Bingara.....yes, but it's only 7 k's away and we have to empty the Thetford Cassette and pick up some bread and milk. It turns out that the town is expecting around 1200 motor homes in September and they're all members of the CMCA and as such the council have installed a toilet dump point at the Show Grounds on the Western side of town, along with a tap and makes an extended stay by the river so easy to do and the town may only have a population of 900, but is well serviced with shops and hardware and bakery....full marks Bingara.