Corner To Gulf

Cameron Corner to Karumba
 May-June 2008


You know how all these caravanners are always up at the crack of dawn and next thing they're folding up the steps and hitting the road early.......well....we were also up at "5".....yep we even surprised ourselves....who would have thought that after a big night like that, we could have possibly been awake at 5 past 9 the next morning???? Sure beats the HECK outta us too.

It was still New England COOL though, and so, with an arm out of the doona, the Webasto switch, cleverly located beside the bed, gave us the courage to rise ten minutes later and light the kettle.

What a magnificent morning it was too...the sun was filtering through the river gums and the fog had left the ground but still filled the "Big Ditch" that was the course of the river....... what a sight. I got a small fire going and we had coffee and bacon and eggs.......just what you need after a big night........ the hot water system roared into life and we washed up and had a lovely hot shower and packed up and hit the road just before midday....well who needs all that early to bed early to rise's supposed to be a holiday.

Red Clay Parking/Camping at Burren Junction Bore

Hot Bore to enlarge.

As we were already on the Gwydir River, we decided to follow it down the range to Bingara where we would once again see our spot.......have to go back there one day..... As we cruised past we noticed another Bushtracker in the same spot where we camped in February.....Bushtrackers...they're everywhere.

Our route took us out through the hilly range country between Bingara and Narrabri and then on to Wee Waa and we thought we'd make camp at Burren junction at the Hot Bore Baths there.

What a pleasant surprise when we got there as the council had spent a lot of man hours upgrading the facility and had "Imported" truck loads of red gravel from Pilliga to spread out over the black soil surrounds. All graded and rolled flat to make an all weather surface to park on.....just as well we didn't need to drive any pegs into the stuff as it had set like concrete. The bore baths are a gathering spot for Nomadic Clans and make for a nice stop over for travelers like us who have our sights set on other destinations.