Channel Country

South West Queensland September 2007


We've been to Isisford before and found them all to be very friendly locals. The council are doing a lot to attract travelers and to keep them comfortable during their stay. This has benefits for the town and it's support businesses. The weir is on the Eastern side of this small town and makes a long waterhole on the Barcoo. The council have graded tracks on both sides of the waterhole and made campsites for all. The cost of this is...wait for it....$2.00 per night or $10.00 per week. There is also a toilet block at the entrance to the camp ground with a fresh water tap and also a dump point for chemical toilets....fantastic.

The town has a pub and info centre in the council buildings and there is also a Laundromat next to the store.....

Plenty of campsites and room to turn around

Camping $2.00 per night or $10.00 per week

Time to pack up and move as the waterhole in town was a little low on we travelled a whole 15 kilometres to Oma Waterhole on the West side of town. This is a huge waterhole and even in this dry time after 7 years of drought there is still a big body of water here. So big in fact that this is the site of a major fishing competition in July each year. Again, the council has provided graded roads to the waters edge and also large piles of firewood and even rubbish bins...all for $2.00 PER NIGHT.

Fishing and yabbying...campfires under the stars...lots of wildlife and don't get any better than this.

Good to see some water in this dry time

Could launch a boat and use it here

Nothing beats a T-Bone over the coals

This Galah was looking for a new home

We could have stayed a lot longer than 3 days, but more waterholes are to be found and we need to find them....So off we go, Westward Ho...Am I a bush poet or what??

This is a be back spot for sure.....tomorrow we head for Welford Nat Park and some red sand.